How To Install New Gas Struts In Your Vehicle

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Transcript of our video on how to install new gas struts on your vehicle.

Greg: Hi, I’m Greg from StrutsWest in Myaree.

Greg: In three easy steps, basically, I’m going to show you how easy it is to change a pair of gas struts on the hatch of your car.

Greg: First of all, you’re going to need two things to be able to do the gas struts on most cars. A stick, a pole, something similar to this, something that will, when you lift up the hatch of your car, keep the hatch open. And secondly, you will need one of these: a flat screwdriver. This is going to be the tool that you’re going to use to remove the gas struts on your car. It really is that easy.

Greg: So I’ll get to it now. So first of all, I’m going to open up the hatch of the car. As you can see, it’s not staying up. I’m gonna use a pole to brace the hatch of the car so it stays open. Now, if you’ve got something extendable, it’s actually a better idea. But, just use whatever you’ve got. So I’m able to, in this situation, just slightly reduce the size of my pole to length, just to make it safe. To make sure the hatch of the car stays up. That’s where the screwdriver comes in. So with this tool, the flat screwdriver, it’s easy as this.

Greg: I go around to the gas strut, and on each end there’s a cup fitting on the gas strut. This is going to be the case with 90 percent of cars. So your car might be different, but in most instances you’re going to have something that is aligned on your car like this. So with the flat screwdriver, I’m simply gonna pry out the end fitting. And it comes off by hand. Simple as that. Both ends. And I’ve got one of the gas struts off already.

Greg: So I’m going to go to the other side of the car, repeat the process. Use my flat screwdriver to get the gas struts off the car. Easy.

Greg: Second step, is to get my new gas struts, and they’re going to be for the, for your car. So, please don’t try and fit a gas strut that’s not designed for your car. And it’s just a case now of literally pushing the gas struts over where you’ve just released them from. So they’ve got the same end fittings on them. And I’m going to, as easy as, same way, just push the gas struts on. Easy, look at that.

Greg: Other side, exactly the same thing. Done. That’s step two. It really is this easy. Step three, I’m gonna remove the pole from the hatch of the car. Look at that, it stays up. The nice thing about it is you can pull it down, it’s very safe. Doesn’t move anywhere in a hurry, you give it a small lift, don’t have to do very much, and the gas struts glide up.

Greg: Thanks for watching our instructional video today. Hopefully that helps you fit your gas struts on and off your car. If you want to, come to StrutsWest in Myaree, at Unit 8 number 66 McCoy Street, and that service is done for you, on and off the car, free of charge, on the spot. Thanks for watching, and goodbye.