How To Calculate Required Gas Strut Pressure

Please read these instructions carefully and use them with the calculator at the bottom of this page.

Step 1

Input the length of your door in MM as measured in Step 1 on this page. Please ensure you are inputting the door length not the strut length.

Step 2

Measure the weight of the door (please use KG).

Step 3

Estimate or Measure distance from the hinge point. (Diagram is in MM)

Using the diagram on the right of this page, take your Strut Length (as calculated above) and find your relevant Gas Strut on the Y Axis (the blue numbers on the right of the image are the gas strut lengths available).   

We suggest rounding the length of the gas strut up to the nearest size on the chart should you not be able to find the exact number.  Please take note of this size for ordering.

 On the X Axis is your suggested distance from the hinge point (the blue numbers across the top of the image).

Step 4

Input the number of Gas Struts you expect to use on your door/hatch/boot lid/etc etc.

Step 5

Click Calculate Button