Do You Want Gas Struts To Lift the Bonnet Of Your Car?

Categories: Retro Fit Gas Struts

Ever broken down in the middle of nowhere and tried to open the bonnet of your car? If you have a car bonnet that relies on a stick to keep it open it can be a real hassle. You need to reach over and pick up the stick while balancing the bonnet in your other hand and then guide the stick into a small recess just to keep the bonnet open. Try doing all of that if you need to reach over a bull bar too …. You would need to 7 foot tall just to be able to reach the stick!!!

Up until now many gas strut companies have put the task of retro fit bonnet gas struts in the too hard basket. This is because many bonnets are put together in a way that makes fitting gas struts onto your car bonnet super difficult. That has meant that retail stores selling gas struts have in the main avoided selling retro fit bonnet gas strut kits leaving it to online sellers like those found on eBay to meet customer requirements.

If you are like many people purchasing products from online sellers like those found on eBay is not your first choice. You would rather purchase directly from a company that has a physical shop where the phone gets answered and somebody is available to answer your questions regards suitability and fitment. Here at Struts West we get that and can answer your questions regards retro fit bonnet gas struts for applications such as Hilux utes, Ford Ranger and BT50 Utes, Nissan Navara, Isuzu D Max, Holden Colorado and off course Toyota 75 78 and 79 Landcruiser bonnets.

To be honest it mystifies us just as much as it would you the car owner why the makers of these cars don’t mount gas struts on the bonnets of these cars before selling them. Gas struts on these bonnets make life so much easier if you do need to open the bonnet for any reason and on larger cars gas struts seem more like a necessity than an added extra. Getting gas struts fitted to your bonnet will make the bonnet rise on its own after the initial lift and unlike a stick propping up your bonnet , you cant knock out your gas struts making the bonnet of your car safer to be under.

If you have a car that you would like to put gas struts on feel free to call us on 08 6107 8133 or come into our McCoy Street store for a quote. You can choose to fit your own gas struts or we can supply and install for you at our Myaree location. Purchase with confidence from Struts West your gas strut specialists.